Meet the Team


Hi! We’re Maria Taylor, Johnna Balk, and David DeLind, and we’re running for Farmington City Council in the election Tuesday, November 2, 2021. There are 3 seats available, and the 3 of us have been working together as a team — pooling our resources, talking each other up while knocking doors — because we know to make real, lasting change, it takes people who share the same values to make that happen. Colleagues who will lead Farmington forward and create the kind of future we want for the hometown we love.

Please check out our bios and key issues below, and click over to our websites and Facebook pages to learn more about each candidate.


I’m an editor, photographer, history nerd, and Farmington resident for 20+ years. First elected to City Council in 2017, I stand for progress in our historic downtown, investments across all our neighborhoods, depoliticizing our library, and city government that is transparent and inclusive. I’m an outspoken historic preservationist and proponent of upcycling old buildings to cool new uses. I’ve also championed walkability through the formation of the Pathways committee. My votes reflect my belief that Farmington’s best shot in the 21st century lies in boosting what makes the city unique. |


Twenty-five years ago, Erik and I chose Farmington to raise our family. Today, with my kids grown, it’s my time to serve. School, kids’ activities, and eight years working at the downtown library have prepared me for this moment. These experiences have shown me what people love about Farmington, what keeps residents here, and what brings new families to our city. My desire is to ensure Farmington continues to be a community of great neighborhoods, a vibrant downtown, and great neighbors of all ages, cultures, and walks of life. |


I believe in the importance of community service. After Amber and I chose Farmington as our home, I stepped up to serve on the Board of Review. In February 2020, I was appointed to serve on City Council. I work in the utility field, and as a licensed civil engineer and business manager, I know the importance of investing in our infrastructure and balancing budgets. I believe that maintaining flexible ordinances will help grow Farmington’s local economy — and that a strong grassroots art scene is key to a vibrant, thriving community. |


Preserving Farmington’s Character: Love our historic city? Love its family feel? We’ll vote for the right development in the right places to support the downtown while staying in scale with surrounding neighborhoods. We pledge to put the interests of the Farmington community before those of developers.

Modernizing Our Infrastructure: This summer’s storms have shown how much our lives depend on reliable infrastructure. Our vision of a 21st-century city leaves no neighborhood behind, with investments from roads, sidewalks, and water mains to broadband and trees. We’re ready to invest in creative new solutions to cope with the effects of our increasingly severe weather, like flooding and power outages, in our city.

An Inclusive Approach to Government: Our city is strongest when it allows residents to connect directly with their local government. We’ll keep exploring ways to participate remotely in City meetings to make sure your voice is heard, no matter which way you choose to communicate with us.

Boosting Our Downtown: We will continue working with businesses to bring new solutions for new norms — like we did with outdoor seating and the social district. We’ll see the Farmington Road Streetscape to completion, and together, we’ll work to restore icons like the library and Founders Fest.

Great Neighbors & Neighborhoods: We embrace Farmington residents of all ages, cultures, and walks of life. We’ll work to keep Farmington an inclusive, safe, and welcoming community that supports fairness for all. We will continue to support the high-quality city services that make Farmington a great place to live.

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