These people from Farmington and the surrounding communities are among those standing with me in my bid for re-election to Farmington City Council.

Christine Greig | Former House Minority Floor Leader

“Maria Taylor has brought a new energy to City Council. Her leadership on fixing Farmington’s aging infrastructure while championing new and innovative programs like the social district is the combination the community needs to continue to attract new residents and thrive as one of Michigan’s best cities to live in.”

Theresa Rich | Oakland Schools Board of Education and Former Farmington Hills City Council Member

“Maria Taylor brings the total package of everything Farmington needs in a council member: dedication, hard work, and strong leadership. She builds from the heritage of what Farmington has been and blends this with her incredible enthusiasm and energy to lead her city to the very best that Farmington can be.”

Joe LaRussa | Mayor Pro Tem of Farmington

“Maria and I came to council together in 2017. We were competitors who quickly became collaborators. On many occasions I have found Maria to be thoughtful, open-minded, and committed to Farmington’s unique fusion of history and future development. She has also demonstrated a commitment to service to the residents of Farmington that I respect and share with her. This kind of service should be rewarded with re-election.”

Samantha Steckloff | State Rep, 37th District (Farmington/FH)

“Proud to endorse these three candidates. I have worked with each and every one of them throughout my 8 years in elected office, and can honestly say, they have made these communities a better place because of their love and passion for the City of Farmington.”

Jeremy Moss | State Senator, 11th District (Farmington)

David DeLind | Farmington City Councilmember

Johnna Balk | Candidate for Farmington City Council

Vicki Barnett | Mayor of Farmington Hills

Jackie Boleware | Farmington Hills City Councilmember

Mary Ellen Newlin | Farmington Hills City Councilmember

Zach Rich | Farmington Public Schools Board of Trustees

Danette Duron-Wilner | Farmington Community Library Trustee

Gwen Markham | County Commissioner, Novi/Northville

“Maria Taylor serves Farmington with a keen eye to historic preservation and environmental sustainability. She is a leader for today and the future.”

Andrew Mutch | Novi City Councilmember

David Hamilton | Troy City Councilmember

Emilie Rohrbach | Madison Heights City Councilmember

Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights

Operating Engineers Local 324

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan

Stan and Marcia Bawol

Donna and Jon Cherney

Greg and Zita Collins

Dick and Nancy Cook

Khaya Davidson

Sue Dengiz

Chris and Stacie Duffy

Joe Fleming

Lynne Gagner

Nancy and John Gingrich

Pat and Walter Girbach

Christine Ingles

Lindsay Janoch

Jenny and Rick Kales

Don Kenley

Ken and Mel Klemmer

Tyler Leitow

David Lipka

Teri Madigan

Mary Manier

Hugh McDiarmid

Colleen Mcwhinnie

Dale Milford

Dustin Mineau

“Maria has done a great job to keep Farmington a great place to raise a family. I love how great she is at keeping us informed about what’s going on.”

Susan and Dave Morell

Janet and Les Newcomer

Debra Ann Pawlak

Sue Ross

“It is an honor to be able to recommend Maria Taylor, a fighter for the people, who speaks her mind clearly, and works tirelessly on behalf of her constituents. Generous, and dedicated, she makes a difference where it counts.”

Nicole Rottet

Jean Schornick

“I endorse all 3. I’ve known Maria since she was a young teenager. She has succeeded in becoming more impressive every year.”

Faye Schuett

Lori Seitz

Maria’s transparency, dedication, and genuine care shown for her constituents are a breath of fresh air in politics. I’m looking forward to all the good she’ll continue to do.

Laurie Smalis

Sarah Smisek

Jena Stacey

Jeff Suhre

Chris Talwar

Rick and Martha Taylor

Dirk van den Muijsenberg

Glenn Whitelaw

Pam Zinkoski

If you’d like to show your support, fill out the online form at the bottom of the page, and your name will be added to this list. My thanks to all of you!

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