On the Issues

I stand for progress in our historic downtown, investments across our neighborhoods, depoliticizing our library, and city government that is transparent and accessible. My votes reflect my belief that Farmington’s best shot in the 21st century lies in boosting what makes the city unique.

It’s time for… (click bold text for more info on each):

Preserving Farmington’s character:  Farmington is a historic town and family community. I support the right development for the right place to enhance (not bulldoze) what makes the city unique.

Boosting our downtown: I’ll see the Farmington Road streetscape to completion and keep working with businesses to bring new solutions for new norms, like outdoor seating and the social district, that support local businesses and make the downtown more vibrant.

Dealing with climate change:  My #1 priority will be investing in our infrastructure so it can stand up to increasingly violent storms that are knocking out power and flooding streets. I propose a stormwater management plan that includes “gray” infrastructure (pipes underground), “green” infrastructure (drainage ditches, retention ponds), and incentives for residents to do native plantings, rain gardens, and pervious pavement.

Inclusive government:  I will continue to call for remote public comment option at in-person Council meetings. I will keep working to make sure Farmington voices are heard, no matter which way people choose to communicate.

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