On the Issues

I’ll stand up for…  (click the link in bold in each item for more info)

sensible development that complements, not bulldozes, the historic city we love – and, unlike the current proposal for Maxfield, stays in scale with the surrounding neighborhoods

boosting our downtown through new events like food truck rallies – common-sense parking laws and better walkability – and support for icons like the library and farmers market

investing in our neighborhoods because true progress means prioritizing neighborhoods, all across the city, over new supersized housing complexes downtown

listening and communicating so we all stay informed of city updates – and our concerns are heard and addressed

And I believe in electing a city council that represents everyone in this town. Different perspectives. Different backgrounds. Women and men. Young people, families, seniors.

Right now, we have 1 woman and 4 men. And for all the talk of attracting millennials to our city, there’s not a single person on council under 40 to represent their viewpoints. It’s time we change that!

Want to help? Here’s what you can do. Or email me: maria4farmington@gmail.com. I’d love to be in touch.